Paediatric First Aid Courses

Paediatric First Aid

If you are working for JBD, or looking to register with JBD, you might like to look at Paediatric First Aid courses.  This month one of our BLOG’s focuses on Paediatric First Aid.






What is Paediatric First Aid ?        

Paediatric First Aid is the immediate care given to a baby or young child who has been injured, or become ill; and is treated by someone with Paediatric First Aid training.

Paediatric First Aid is helpful to those working in a nursery, pre-school, before and after school clubs, as a nanny, childminder or babysitter in the early year’s age group.  There is some cross over between adult first aid and paediatric first aid, but with paediatric first aid, checking for a response and the recovery position is modified and CPR and choking is managed differently to protect their smaller bodies.

A 12 hour course is recommended and they are often managed over one long day, attending for one day with electronic learning or two days.   On-line courses are not sufficient and must be assessed by a trainer with practical assessments that meets the Ofsted Early Years and Childcare Register.  The completed course should then provide an award certificate valid for 3 years.

What will you learn?

To understand the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider.
To be able to provide first aid for a baby and child.
To deal with unresponsive and breathing normally including resuscitation.
What to do when a foreign body obstructs the airway and choking.
To deal with external bleeding.
To deal with injuries to bones and muscles.
Managing sickle cell crisis, diabetic emergencies, asthma attack, allergic reaction, meningitis and febrile convulsions.

JBD are running Paediatric First Aid courses and if you are interested please get in touch either via our website enquiry page or call the office on 0208 016 1111.







Blog Post by Della Foster